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Hooray for another item completed!

We had our canonical interview this morning at Christ the King Parish, along with 9 other soon-to-be-wed couples. We even knew one of the grooms and were happy to know that they were also getting married in December.

The interview was really short, just basic questions about the two of us and our families and why we wanted to get married. I think we rocked it. 😛

We also got our marriage banns and were able to give mine to our parish in Marikina. JC will give his to their parish in Quezon City tomorrow or Friday.

Next in our to-do list: Complete the church document requirements. JC already submitted his birth and baptismal certificates and we already gave our marriage certificate (from our civil wedding last year) as well. As for me, I’m having problems with my birth certificate as I still need to get some details from the Department of Foreign Affairs, given that I was born in Saudi Arabia. My baptismal certificate is OK, but my confirmation certificate still needs to be corrected as my name was spelled as Elvira. 😦 We will receive JC’s confirmation certificate by November 9. Finally, our CENOMARs were already requested, but I haven’t paid yet since I’m still getting the needed information from DFA. 😦 I really hope to complete these items soon.