DIY Project: Wedding Invitations


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After months of searching for ideas on how to start with our DIY invites, I finally drafted something in Photoshop.

Thanks to La Belle Bride for their free downloadable template, which I edited to match our theme and color motif.

Here is the Main invite:


RSVP card (inspired by a design from Wedding Chicks):


Here’s what I plan to put at the back of the invite stack. I’m planning to have envelopes made of tracing paper, so this can be seen at the back:


I can’t place the Entourage piece yet; I have to send out my Will You Be… cards first! 😛


Cake Supplier Booked!


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One more supplier down!

Hubby and I went to the Weddings and Beyond bridal fair last August 4-5 at the NBC Tent. We made sure we accomplished something that day, since we went all the way there inspite of the bad weather.

Vienna Cakes was the first cake supplier we inquired at during the fair. They were very accomodating and had a wide variety of designs which matched our movie/hollywood theme. We also tasted their cake flavors and were not disappointed. 🙂 A lot of celebrities, including Kim Chiu and Dolphy, have also entrusted their cakes to them.

After inquiring at one more cake supplier we saw online, we went straight back to Vienna Cakes to confirm our booking. What’s so great with our package is that aside from our movie-themed wedding cake, we’ll also get our couple topper (which costs around 1,500-2000) and 38 mini-cakes (around 150 each) for free! These can be given as favors to our principal sponsors and entourage. 😀

Next in line for booking: Sheah Designs. Just waiting for the final proposal from Ms.Sheryl and we’re good to go! Still to book the following:

  • OTD Coordinator
  • Flowers & Styling
  • Lights and Sounds
  • Entertainment
  • Hotel for Preps

And of course, we need to get started with our DIY projects!!!

Wedding Gown Designer and Videographer Booked!


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Another 2 suppliers down! I’m very happy to say that we have booked our wedding gown designer and videographer! 🙂

We got Kristel Yulo for my wedding gown. At first, we thought her packages were too pricey for us. But when we saw the design sketches she made on our 2nd meeting… WOW. My hubby immediately fell in love with the designs — yes, HE fell in love! Of course, I LOVED the designs, too, but the design concept actually came from HIM, so when Jaraiza (Kristel’s sister) saw the look on JC’s face, she started laughing and said “Dream wedding mo?”. JC knew then that we HAD TO get this designer no matter what.

For our video, we booked Derek Yee. We have been watching a lot of sample SDEs online from different suppliers, and we absolutely loved Derek’s work, especially the one he did for a wedding in Boracay. Hopefully, he comes up with an equally great SDE for our wedding, too!

Next supplier in line is the designer for the entourage (with moms) + hubby’s attire. We are planning to get Sheah Designs, just waiting for her revised proposal. Hopefully, we get a good deal and have this one confirmed as well. 🙂

Back to Wedding Preps!


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After more than 4 months of taking a break from wedding preps, we are back!

For the past several months, we have been busy taking care of our new baby girl, Samantha Yuri. All newborn parents can relate; it is a BIG challenge to face! She’s now 4 months old and is super duper uber cute and adorable. 🙂

This meant that we haven’t done anything for our wedding ever since I gave birth to Sam last Feb! So far, we have booked the following suppliers/venues:

I know, we’re still missing a LOT! Thank God for my fellow W@Wies and their recommendations, I know where to start looking!

Okay, gowns. I have sent several inquiries months ago while I was still pregnant. And now, 2 of my top picks are already FULLY BOOKED! Gretchen Pichay and Zandra Lim are both booked for December. 😦 Anyway, there are still lots of other options and I’m positive we’ll find the perfect designer for our wedding. I’ve already set consultations with 3 designers this week and next: Kristel Yulo, Emil Ocampo, and Carmen Lazaro.

Hopefully, they’ll go well. We’ll see! 🙂